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Week 18 (and a half)

Been so busy forgot to do the weekly baby update! Had a week of not enough sleep. Ever since Wednesday morning, the baby decided that wakeup time was 4am! I think it's hubby's fault, as he comes home and will get up at about then as a matter of habit, traipse about for a bit, then go back to bed - unfortunately, neither bub nor me goes back to sleep so easily! We had four or five nights of that, but he seems right again now. Bubba is getting pretty darn strong - sitting up beautifully with me just holding his hips, starting to wiggle back and forth on the floor when he's down and pushing up in the starting of the roll-over thing. He's also started having some solids - smooshy nanas and some jar food mostly (not big on the rice cereal). Taking it pretty slow, but he's starting to get the hang of it now. Forgot how time consuming feeding a baby with a spoon can be! 

In other news, headed up to Perth to collect the dyeline for Worlds Next Door on Friday - it had been there since MONDAY but had a very minor address inconsistency and they didn't bother to contact me with the phone number supplied to sort the error out. I rang THEM when the printer emailed me to find out why I hadn't got back to them to approve the proof! Grrr. Anyway, that's all gone to print proper now!

We also went to Dora "Live" on Wednesday - took Miss Four and her best mate and her best mate's mum (after I took Missy to National Simultaneous Storytime at the library). Kiddies had a ball - was noisy and colourful and fun. I was tired :) Hubby and I then went out for a "date" to Gold Class to see Robin Hood which we both enjoyed. I could have done with it to be longer - actually, a tv season I think! Needed more character development and interaction. And women! We had Miss Four's best mate for the day on Thursday which was nice - they played very well together - and it was the last ballet practice before the big day on Monday next week. Master Seven has been doing really well at school - got an honour certificate AND his 50 house points certificate last week, and he has a big choir performance (which I am not permitted to attend because they are recording it and don't want babies or toddlers there!) tomorrow - will look forward to the DVD I guess.

On Monday this week I went to my first ASLA meeting (partly in person, partly teleconference) - went for AGES and was a bit controversial, but what fun are meetings without the drama?! The outcome of that is two MORE local meetings next week. Could be interesting. And that reminds me I have work to do for that role! And a bazillion other things to do. Better get on that :)


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Jun. 2nd, 2010 06:50 am (UTC)
Hee hee, we also went on a special "date" to see Robin Hood. And then, because the crazy freedom went to my head, we stayed right there and saw Prince of Persia as well. MUAHAHAHA!

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