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In a few weeks, I will have copies of my first book from my new press in my hands. I'm more excited about this than I could have imagined, so I want to share the love! While the regular RRP on Worlds Next Door will be AUD$19.95, for three weeks only, I'm offering a pre-publication special! Order your copy of Worlds Next Door now, and pay only $17.95 plus postage. And there are so many reasons to buy...

1. It has fantastic stories, and lots of them! There are 25 stories in this book, and the contents are:
"The Best Dog in the World", Dirk Flinthart
"A Wizard in Trouble", Paul Collins
"Graffiti", Joanne Anderton
"Enid and the Prince", RJ Astruc
"Disobedience", Dave Luckett
"The Guardians", Geoffrey Hugh Miller
"Horror Movie", Michael Pryor
"The House on Juniper Road", Felicity Dowker
"Rocket and Sparky", Edwina Harvey
"Inksucker", Aidan Doyle
"Mega Wombats and Demon Ducks", Sue Bursztynski
"Philomena Plaitbinder", Angela Rega
"Moonchild", Bren MacDibble
"The New Rat in Town", Kaaron Warren
"Through the Break", Jen Banyard
"Nine Times", Kaia Landelius and Tansy Rayner Roberts
"Sir Pesky Poos-a-lot and the Pony" Thoraiya Dyer
"Old Saint Nick", Leith Daniel
"Slugs and Snails", Jenny Blackford
"The Trouble with Fifi", Launz Burch
"Tabitha", Rowena Cory Daniells
"Genevieve and the Dragon", Angela Slatter
"Nullarbor", Matthew Chrulew
"Ghost Town", Pamela Freeman
"Little Arkham", Martin Livings

2. It looks awesome! With a brilliant cover design by the very talented Amanda Rainey, Worlds Next Door will look very pretty on your bookshelf.

3. It has wonderful artwork! Each story is illustrated by one of our very clever artists, which makes it even nicer to read.

4. You can share it with kids! Offspring, nieces, nephews, godchildren, students, random children on the street ... Worlds Next Door is suitable for the younger spec fic fan and our first test reader, 11 year old Alana says it is "Fun to read!"

5. You can get discounts! Aside from this pre-publication special, I can offer discounts for purchases of five or more books - great for gifts or let your local librarian know! Email fablecroft at gmail dot com for more information.

I can do combined postage discounts as well - if you would like multiple copies, please email me and I'll work out the postage cost. My apologies, but this is only for Australian postage at this point - if you're overseas and would like to pre-order, please email me!

ETA: Special now closed, sorry! But you can still order at the retail price of $19.95 + $3.00 P&H within Australia. And there are discounts for bulk purchases!

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